Multilevel dialogues

This case presents a criteria-based assessment of Member States’ reports under Article 11 of the Governance Regulation.

From the 6-9th of June there will be European Parliamentary elections.

With €594 billion in sales in 2021 and providing 1.2 million direct jobs, the chemical sector is a strategic industry in the EU.

4i-TRACTION - innovation, investment, infrastructure and sector integration:
TRAnsformative policies for a ClimaTe-neutral European UnION

To achieve climate neutrality by 2050, EU policy will have to be reoriented – from incremental towards structural change. As expressed in the European Green Deal, the challenge is to initiate the necessary transformation to climate neutrality in the coming years, while enhancing competitiveness, productivity, employment.

To mobilise the creative, financial and political resources, the EU also needs a governance framework that facilitates cross-sectoral policy integration and that allows citizens, public and private stakeholders to participate in the process and to own the results. The 4I-Traction project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme analyses how this can be done.

25 Jun 2024

Public Event - Netherlands - The Hague

On the 25th of June 2024 this symposium will discuss how the EU can accelerate the transition to a climate-neutral economy and in different sessions reflect on what the incoming European Parliament will mean for the future of green policies.