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Ecologic Institute

Project Meeting - Delft

4i-TRACTION Delft Project Meeting

The third 4i-TRACTION annual project meeting took place in Delft from 5th-6th June 2023.

The 4i-TRACTION consortium convened in Delft for a project meeting in June 2023. Ecologic Institute organised and CE Delft hosted the project meeting in Delft which project partners from all over Europe attended.

The meeting facilitated discussions on the most recent developments and results in the different research workstreams and provided an opportunity to consult on the overarching project synthesis process. The consortium also picked up the discussion from the second project meeting on how their research relates to the EU’s policy processes and how it can be made relevant to policymakers.

Moreover, under Work Package 2, WiseEuropa facilitated an interactive session aiming to summarise what insights the national case studies on the ex-post assessment of various EU Climate Policies provide on the 4i's, and how these insights feed into the overall WP2 synthesis. VUB presented the developments under WP5 and how the work on the assessment of the EU climate governance framework is progressing and Climate Analytics shared insights and key messages from the discussion papers published under WP3 on the impacts of transformative EU climate policies on non-EU countries.

The 4i-TRACTION consortium also organised a dinner dialogue with Heleen de Coninck, Professor of Socio-Technical Innovation and Climate Change at Eindhoven University of Technology and Vice Chair and member of the Dutch Scientific Climate Council, who shared insights from her work on the energy transition in the Netherlands and discussing how her research can be related to the 4i-TRACTION project.
Below are some impressions from the meeting.