Related Research: Forgotten Foundation

WiseEuropa published a new policy brief on carbon pricing in the sectors outside the EU ETS. This report is not part of the 4i-TRACTION project but is related to the topics of our research. 

One of the most important topics in the public debate on the energy transition is the recent increase in price of CO2 emission allowances under the EU ETS and its impact on electricity prices. Much less attention is paid to carbon pricing in sectors which are not currently covered by the EU ETS, i.e. buildings, transport and agriculture, waste and small industrial plants.

The latest policy brief Forgotten Foundation. Buildings and energy efficiency in the new architecture of carbon pricing in the EU by Piotr Chrzanowski, Aleksander Śniegocki and Izabela Zygmunt explores this issue and explains why comprehensive approach to all climate and energy targets – including energy efficiency – is crucial for efficient transition.