Project Summary Flyer

This project flyer summarizes the key features of the project and introduces the four "i's": innovation, investment, infrastructure and integration. The flyer also summarizes the six work packages and their main thematic focus.

To achieve climate neutrality by 2050, EU policy will have to be reoriented – from incremental towards structural change. As expressed in the European Green Deal, the task is not only to initiate the necessary transformation in the coming years, but also to enhance competitiveness, productivity, employment and health. To mobilise the creative, financial and political resources to achieve the required degree of technological, economic and behavioural change, the EU also needs a governance framework that facilitates cross-sectoral policy integration and allows citizens, public and private stakeholders to participate in the process and to own the results. The 4i-TRACTION project brings together nine partners from seven European countries to analyse how this can be done: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), Ita-Suomen Yliopisto (Finland), I4CE (France), Climate Analytics, Ecologic Institute (Germany), CE Delft, Wageningen University (Netherlands), WiseEuropa (Poland), Universidad De Vigo (Spain). This project flyer summarizes the key objectives of the projects, its concept and introduces the specific work packages.