Podcast series: Episode #4 - Regulatory Leverage: How Can the EU Foster a Green Investment Shift?

“CLIMATE ON AIR” – Discussing the future of EU climate policy

The investment challenge is fundamental to mobilizing financial resources for the transformation toward climate neutrality. Every investment decision today locks us into a specific future - we must be careful about directing investment flows meaningfully. Maximizing green investments and providing predictability for economic actors need coordination at EU level and policies effectively promoting the transformation towards climate neutrality. Key policies should consider, among others, a long-term climate investment plan, securing adequate public funding and making sure the banking sector is implementing the existing regulations properly.

What policies do we need to promote climate neutral investment in support of the EU’s climate ambition?

In this 4th episode, together with investment and finance experts Julie Evain (I4CE) and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin (I4CE), we uncover the essential role of investment in climate policy by examining the EU’s role in mobilizing green investments for a resilient climate-neutral economy. We discuss how EU policies can provide predictability to economic actors and build a long-term vision towards climate neutrality.

We also explore the role of the banking sector and the use of banks’ transition plans to make sure banks consider climate related risks and direct investments properly.

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