episode 5

Podcast series: Episode #5- Integrating for Impact: Coordination and Cohesion in EU Climate Policy

“CLIMATE ON AIR” – Discussing the future of EU climate policy

What is climate policy Integration?
The cross-cutting nature of climate change requires that climate policies are aligned across all sectors and, move away from incremental policymaking practices - often characterized by 'silo' thinking. This ensures coherent consideration of climate policy objectives and targets, fostering synergies and complementarities among policies. To achieve this so-called mainstreaming, all branches of government and institutions must coordinate at all stages of the policymaking process.

How do EU legal and governance frameworks contribute to climate policy integration?
In this 5th episode of CLIMATE ON AIR, we discuss with climate policy integration experts Kati Kulovesi (University of Eastern Finland, UEF) and Sebastian Oberthür (Vrije Universiteit Brussels, VUB) about the essential role of climate policy integration on the path to the EU's climate neutrality transition. We delve deeper into the EU's legal and governance aspects that are necessary for successful climate policy integration, highlighting the significant role of the European Climate Law in setting a legally binding climate neutrality target, alongside the EU Governance Regulation. Our experts emphasize the importance of institutional capacity and public acceptance. They provide insights into the challenges of achieving effective policy Integration as well as recommendations for future policymaking.

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