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Brussels, VUB U-Residence (hybrid)
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Public Event -  Brussels, VUB U-Residence (hybrid)

Managing the transition to net zero: EU climate policy in a global context

4i-TRACTION x NDC Aspects Joint Policy & Research Dialogue Conference on 9-10th July 2024.

The transition to climate neutrality has become a central objective for EU policy-making. Targets and policies to achieve it have been advanced and accelerated over the past 4 years. Despite the crises faced since 2020, the EU is making the shift from incremental changes and refinements to the transformative policies needed for a net-zero emissions future – seeking to become more resilient and competitive through a successful transition.

The move to clean energy and new technologies is being spurred on in other parts of the world, with the USA and China actively financing the transition. Partners around the world are watching EU policy developments closely – which increasingly have international implications (#CBAM). With the implementation of the Paris Agreement moving forward, new contributions are expected in financial and policy terms. The next legislative cycle needs to take crucial decisions on how to move EU policy forward in this context.

This conference, taking place a month after the European elections, sought to spotlight key issues in the EU’s transition to climate neutrality – and discuss options to address them, with a global context in mind. The conversations among policy-makers and other stakeholders were kicked-off by content inputs from two EU-funded research projects, 4i-TRACTION and NDC ASPECTS, that have been working over the past three years to generate new insights on climate action challenges in Europe and globally.

Speakers included Yvon Slingenberg, Acting Deputy Director General for Climate Action at the European Commission, Suzana Carp, Head EU Policy, Cleantech for Europe, François Beaude, Strategy Lead at ACER and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, MEP-elect amongst others.

The programme was split into two subthemes

  • Day 1: EU policy focus – investments, infrastructure, and international integration
  • Day 2: Global policy focus – hard to abate sectors, action by major emitters, cooperation


Download the slides of day 1 here.


Agenda Overview